Alzheimer's Disease
Dental Risk Assessment 

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Our office uses a proprietary gum assessment calculator to gauge and manage Alzheimer's Disease dental patient RISK. (See below). This program takes into account various factors, such as dental tartar, gum pocketing and bleeding, tooth mobility and pocket depth. Then, by adding in patient age and heredity, a single number is produced.

The risk assessment appointment takes just a few minutes and costs just $60. With it, we can determine appropriate dental cleaning recall protocols, home care routines and prescriptions (such as chlorhexidine). We can even make management recommendations to family and care givers, such as how to provide adequate oral hygiene assistance, and where to find non-sugared candies (for example).

The key to to tailor the dental recall interval and care to each patient's unique condition. 

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The Alzheimer's Disease
Dental Risk Calculator