Dental Financing ~ No Interest
From the office of Dr. John Burch
Mountain View, California

No Interest Dental Financing

No interest dental financing is often considered the most popular form of dental insurance. This type of dental insurance is available to many people and can be found on a variety of websites across the internet. These sites have a list of dental insurance companies that offer the no interest program. When searching through these sites you will usually find all of the information you need in one place. This type of dental insurance may not be a good option for everyone because it does not have a waiting period in order to get approved.

No interest dental financing comes with various types of benefits. Some of them include immediate dental care, no co-payments, no annual or monthly renewal fees and many more benefits. You can get this type of dental insurance through most of the major health insurance companies. If you do not have a dental insurance plan through your current employer then you may be able to get a no interest dental policy from your employer's plan. This can often save you money over getting a dental plan through another source.

No interest dental financing has many advantages. One of them is that you can get immediate treatment when you need it. The main reason why most people don't get treatment in time is because they do not have enough money to cover it. When you get no interest dental financing you do not have to worry about how much you are going to spend for treatment. Also, when you apply for the no interest program you do not have to wait for any approval to get started. No matter which way you look at it, no interest dental financing can provide some very good savings over getting traditional dental insurance.



Dental Financing No Interest

Dr. Burch

Call us if you need dental care that you cannot afford. We use Care Credit, and also have our own, "in house" financing system. Either way, we will find a solution that works for you and your budget.


  • No interest.
  • Easy in-house approval.
  • Automated repayment.
  • No limit to amount.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Same great service.
  • Responsive to what the patient can afford.
  • Can be used for any procedure.
  • Just takes a few minutes to apply.
  • No credit check!
  • Free to use.
  • Available for both new and existing patients.
  • Can be used for outstanding debt.
  • Secure payment form.
  • You can choose which day of the month to pay.
  • Email notification when each payment is sent.
  • Confirmation when  full payment is complete.
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