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FREE REPORT: 5 Steps to Superior Dental Health by Dr. John Burch DDS

1. Eat a healthy diet. Avoid refined sugar. If you are vegan , be sure to get adequate protein from other sources. Drink in moderation. (Alcohol is a sugar)

2. Brush and FLOSS twice a day. (see below). And use our proprietary toothpaste/Peridex combination that stops oral inflammation in it's tracks. (call for sample)

3. Get your teeth cleaned twice a year, with x-rays once a year. At our office, we take a PHQ (Periodontal Health Quotient - patent pending) reading at each visit. If your number is rising, we can help. Sometimes that means placing Arestin in a pocket, or recommending deep scaling, a gingivectomy, or just a shorter recall. From the PHQ, we can ensure that your oral health is getting better, not worse.

4. Don't smoke. Not regular cigarettes, or cigars, or e-cigs or chewing tobacco. All tobacco products will hurt your dental health. Lip cancer is a killer. If you chew, find a way to quit...NOW!

5. Don't allow your mouth to have ANY open sores, even from gingivitis. These openings allow bacteria to get into your blood stream and can contribute to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer's disease and arthritis. If your gums bleed, even a little, you are at risk. The tartar on your teeth rubs the inner walls of the gums, leaving open spaces for bacteria to get through. These bacteria get into your bloodstream and create an inflammatory reaction in your brain, liver, kidneys and heart. THIS IS VERY BAD!

View the videos to the right of this page and below. Then call us at 650-965-1234 for a complimentary cleaning, x-ray and exam appointment. We are here to help!

If you have not seen a dentist in the last year, give us a call. We offer a FREE cleaning, x-rays and exam to all new patients. 650-965-1234.

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